Final Fantasy XIV 14 Game Currency: FFXIV Gil
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Final Fantasy XIV 14 The main acquisition method for the game currency: FFXIV Gil is through the drop of the copy monster, the mission reward, the random copy reward (this part is a lot higher). Wild monsters drop can be ignored. The main expenses of gold coins are daily maintenance, AH shopping, and high-priced real estate. Ordinary players can not touch the last two. Gold coins will not have much to sell except for repairing equipment and paying for delivery.

Playing the production department, the gold coins have a large income and expenditure. The 2.1 version of the tank ring sold in AH, a total of more than a dozen raw materials, even at the end of the version, the overall cost is also about 3w, AH selling price 4W +. And an ordinary player can spend six hours a day to finish six random days, and there are so many gold coins to start with (this is still 2.2 after the reward is increased). If I don't play production like this, I will save 100w less than half a year. And our guild professional game production players, online three hours a day, income 10w-20w.

As for the backpack, I thought it was very big at first. There are 100 backpacks on the body, and the general props can be superimposed with 99. Equipment is generally not in the backpack, there are special equipment packages, each part of the equipment can take 25. The warehouse (servant) can hold 175 grids and there are two servants at no extra cost. The hotel has a storage box, which can be used without equipment. There is a designated type, and nothing can be put. Game Studio Alliance preferred professional player network, collecting all online games, game assist, and other gameplay methods.

If you just hit a copy, this backpack system is not even full of you. If you play production and collection, I am sorry, there are more than 100 kinds of light ore, as well as wood, metal, fossil, cloth, leather, food and so on. There is no useless garbage in the Final Fantasy XIV 14 game, and everything can be used in a production department.

In short, if you are involved in the production department, you will find that this is simply playing another game. In Final Fantasy XIV 14, the desire to produce high-quality multi-star items requires wits, so the battle is exhausted, and it is a good choice to play and produce.

When I was playing, I focused on the combat profession in the early stage, but there are about 50 card tasks that will be used to upgrade the production profession. When I used to play only in combat, I relied on the daily gold coins, and the economy was a bit nervous. 2.1 When I was nearing the end, I slowly entered the production profession and found a lot of fun. A set of 50 HQ production equipment plus a certain amount of production-grade magic spar, the basic two-star HQ is easily obtained. In this way, there is no problem in cooperating with a little basic business mind and luck for a few hours a day 20w~30w gils.

The treasure hunt mission is now open. The treasure map G5 is a treasure of 8 people. Generally, we are a treasure map of one person, and then go one by one. Each treasure map is fixed per person. In addition to material income, the money income is 1600+. If you are lucky, you may open a 5000+ treasure chest. The price of a treasure map is generally around 4,000, because it is a Japanese service. , so the price is slightly lower, I believe that the national service price will be lower when the time comes. Then the basic income is 1600*8, and it is not even a rare material (the material may sell tens of thousands of gils), and the benefits are considerable. 

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