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Для поклонников франшизы Resident Evil ремастер Resident Evil 2 заново разожжет ту же магию, которую вы испытали 20 лет назад, с самой первой статьей. Вторая часть игры является, пожалуй, одной из основных причин, почему игры ужасов на выживание стали настолько популярными. Они стали многомерными, поскольку они включают в себя сценарии исследования и глубокого решения головоломок. Игра поддерживает этот вау-фактор от PS1 classic и выводит его на совершенно новый уровень. Он обновляет звуки, атмосферу, озвучку, графические элементы и особую игровую механику. В игре много внимания уделяется локациям в игре, а во всех других отделах - правильные удары. В целом, в игре очень мало критики, поскольку она отбивает мяч за пределы поля на всех фронтах. Это определенно мгновенная классика.

Визуальные элементы и звуки

The game directors for this game did a solid job by sending you on a memory trip when the game first hit the headlines about 20 years ago. What is remarkable about this is that it climbs up a notch, revealing the excellent work Resident Evil 7 has done in creating 3D blood. Visually, it is nice to see the weapon in action and how it pierces the zombies. Unique in-game models involving mutants and animals create an eerie feeling that the original classic is only to step forward with an unrivaled face lift in HD. The RE engine delivers fantastic results with exciting face animation that can complement the overall feel of the game. Several AAA games in the past have failed when it comes to facial animation to improve the overall feel of the game. Character wear is another element that adds visual appeal to the game. As for sounds, binaural sound is based on paranoia, which keeps you on your toes throughout the game.


Binaural sound is based on paranoia, which keeps you in suspense throughout the game. The sudden shuffling sounds of zombies, boots, or the associated sounds of other game elements create the panic needed to capture the players' imaginations. There are few graphical problems in the game, which probably indicates the limitations of the current generation of consoles in working on the ambitious presentation outlined by the game. Examples of this are pseudo-tracing reflections and excessively compressed textures.

Game process

It’s no secret that the franchise has struggled somewhat to strike a balance between fraud and modern shooter. Over time, the game became a more modern shooter, while the classic gameplay became more intimidating when there was little ammunition, the number of saving throws was limited, and several turns. Resident Evil 2 seeks to regain the classic hardcore style of the game that the fans hoped for. The game gives you more freedom in choosing how you progress in the game. At your disposal there are several items and toys that can be thrown, which will allow you to take a creative approach to the game. There are many different opponents that you will encounter, including standard zombies and more formidable lizans. The animation and sounds of both characters develop anxiety, a feeling that always keeps you on the edge of your seat. The cards have impressive attention to detail and have several puzzles and surprises along the way. Classical weapons from the game is intact, and inventory management is a crucial element of success. Looking at the weapons, it is no secret that the developers wanted to pay homage to their predecessors. This makes you appreciate the game that Capcom was able to produce back in 1998, and how it still works in 2019.


As in the remake of the first game, it follows all the points of the classic plot with some changes in several areas. The overall result is that it creates a more compact and emotional story that delivers many memorable moments. The game takes place in a fictional area called Raccoon City. The game can be played from the point of view of the two main police characters, Leon Kennedy, and the hapless visitor Claire Redfield. Raccoon City faces a virus outbreak when zombie swarms take center stage and wreak havoc. Both of these characters have different paths that add a lot of value to play into the game.

Overall, the game is a fantastic return to the good old days of the franchise. In recent years, the Resident Evil series has suffered from an identity crisis, but in this game it seems to have found the missing link that it has been desperately looking for in the past decade. That's all you thought it would be from trailers and maybe even more.

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